Published on Oct 3, 2018

Air Pump White Background Images

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A pump is defined as a device used primarily to move fluids, such as liquids and gases. It displaces the volume of any kind by physical or mechanical means. It is divided into five groups depending on the methods used in the movement of fluid. This may be a straight lift, displacement, speed, gravity pumps, or buoyancy. Whatever type of pump you have, there are a number of industrial targets for which one should thank.

Air pumps, on the other hand, work with outside air. This air is a heat sink or heat source in the process. The compressor, condenser and cooling system are used with this pump to complete the setup.

Extraction of air from the source is carried out using a heat exchanger. The compressor acts like a refrigerator, but instead of cooling the air, it raises the temperature of the outside air. And to supply air to the heating system, radiators and heating pipes are necessary.


The process of heating and cooling is carried out by the cooler together with the pump’s coils and components. The liquid state will become a gas with the work of the condenser, compressor and evaporator. The function of the refrigerant mainly consists of heaters or coolers in the coils.

The ambient temperature will cause the liquid to boil while the liquid refrigerant passes through the outer coils of the evaporator. Replacing a liquid with a gas requires a tremendous amount of energy when it can be obtained from the outside air that passes through the coils.

The generated gas will be drawn into the compressor, where it is compressed, and this time the steam temperature will rise to 100 degrees Celsius or higher. Compression further increases the evaporation temperature.

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