Published on Jun 21, 2019

Attractive Background Images

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At the opposite end of the spectrum are the psychological traits and features that we find attractive. These features are more motivating for long-term and emotionally close relationships. Unfortunately, relying on them only creates certain difficulties: just as reading the only appearance can bring you a series of attachments that will only disappear, focusing on an individual can lead to deep friendship without a sexual spark (i.e. the “friend zone”).

Nevertheless, attractiveness is still an important factor in relationships, especially in long-term relationships. As a rule, such attractiveness is manifested in a pleasant and cheerful personality, which seems to carry the best in others and in itself. These attractive people often develop a unique style, perspective and ability to share with others who separate them from the crowd.

Most of these traits are transmitted through oral communication. Therefore, the development of attractiveness includes training in the development of mutual understanding with others. This may include conversations that create a feeling of intimacy and relationships, as well as a discussion of topics that cause sexual and romantic interest. In general, having something positive and unique to say – and say it with skill and style – can make you very attractive. Just make sure that you are not following these words if you want the relationship to be physical.


Finding Your Style of Attraction

To be attractive and choose an attractive partner, a compromise is needed. Each of us is different from the others, and we have so many opportunities to work on developing attractive features in different ways to get the type of relationship that we ultimately need. Also, this means that no one is perfect, so you do not need to be perfect. However, we must focus on developing characteristics that can help us have a satisfactory social life.

To increase your chances of getting a satisfactory and compatible partner, first, focus on your strengths and preferred style (s) of attractiveness. Do what is better and more natural for you. Then work on other skills and qualities that will help you figure out what kind of relationship you want. You do not need to learn everything, but try to improve areas that can impose serious restrictions on communication (for example, poor hygiene, a dark personality, extreme shyness, etc.). Then go out and look for a partner who appreciates these qualities and will be attracted by what you offer!

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