Published on Jul 30, 2020

Autumn Leaves Background Images

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All things must end some day, Autumn leaves must fall. When Chad and Jeremy put out that song, it reminded one of the pain of lovers parting. Not everyone lives happily ever after. One can relate that opening lyric to the times of today in relationship to the fate of countries and humanity. Could it be that the best days of America are behind? Could the United States succumb to the harsh realities of third world countries? Sobering questions to say the least.

As the cycle of history is coming full circle the tempestuous reality of our times has once again set humanity on a collision course toward a very insecure future. As sobering as those questions are the predominant selfishness of man continues to reshape the destinies of mankind. Now, as the Autumn leaves have already begun to fall will the harshness of winter bring a bitter cold realization that all good things will end? Or will the solace that winter also brings rejuvenate a coming spring? It is often in the solace of winter that one comes to an inner peace and a spiritual reawakening. Today, one has to do more than hope that it is in the solace of this coming winter rekindles that spiritual awakening of humanity.

So often in the past when Autumn leaves have fallen the youthful exuberance anticipating the holiday season especially of the past ought to remind us of why we celebrate the time when Autumn leaves have fallen. But, instead of time full remembrance the selfish desires of many of the powers that be keep sending humanity on a pre set course toward catastrophe.


As the multitudes languish day to day the memories of the past when Autumn leaves fell bring tears of sorrow that the joys of those bye-gone years have now been squandered away. Questions that remain unanswerable have made their presence known. But, as these Autumn leaves keep falling bring the world that much closer to the setting of the Autumn sun. Are dreary days and darkened nights forthcoming? Or will the solace of this coming winter give birth to a resurgent spring?

There are choices that have to be made as these Autumn leaves fall. But, one thing is certain the direction we are headed all good things will soon end. The hopelessness that too many feel by the powers that be their lives and destinies are not of their choosing but by some bureaucracy may have just stolen the hope of humanity. Only through collective participation and education can we alter our destiny so that when Autumn leaves start falling all good things won’t end.

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