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Blue Background Images

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Blue is a primary color and it has been impregnated with magic connotation through the centuries in all the cultures. It is part of the infinity which opens our souls’ windows. It is the sea and the sky which meet in a single image of verticality, combining elevation infinite vastness and depth. Blue is the color which is most often associated with spirituality, being a thought-provoking element and not a passion stimulating one like red.

The charms of this color are also known to neutralize the evil eye. The blue color is the deepest and most intangible, and in which we encounter a boundless ocean. In nature, the blue color is often a transparent one as it is the color of empty things such as air, water and crystal. Blue is the coldest color, but also the purest. It is the symbol of love and wisdom transformed into life and energy that embodies the ultimate feminine ideal.

The blue color refers to vision, meditation, intuition, ideal love, depth and detachment from material things. Its element is Ether, the Neptune planet and the precious stones associated with this color are sapphires and turquoises, while the cardinal point is the West.


Within the Aztec culture the turquoise blue was the color of the Sun in its most profound and mystical form. In Tibetan Buddhism, blue is the color of wisdom. In India, Krishna, the divine messenger has a blue skin, symbolizing his love of the Master. The dark navy blue is associated to black as the sum of all colors, and to the night, while light blue, just like pure yellow, is assimilated to white and to the light of day.

In the Middle Ages, blue was adopted by the Christian Church as coat color for the Virgin symbolizing the heavenly Mother of all humans. Since then, painters and sculptors, who also associate this color to purity, used it for its rich expressive power.

The ancient Egyptians saw blue as the color of truth embodied by the goddess Maat, who was considered to be the justice itself. From the truth in front of death and of the Gods, the Celestial Blue represents the threshold that separates man from those who run the world from the beyond. The blue color is sacred; it is the matrix (female) through which the golden light (male) pierces. Besides, Zeus and Yahweh had their feet on the blue sky when they sat on their thrones.

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