Published on Nov 8, 2019

Blue Technology Background Images

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For tech company colors, blue is always true

Not surprisingly, more than half of the top 100 had elements of dark blue or black in their logos. Some of these brands, like IBM and HP, date from an era when tech companies wanted to be viewed as stable corporate partners, rather than game-changing disrupters. Blue is a perennial choice in corporate branding — not only is it the color most people cite as their favorite, it’s also associated with power and success. Both dark blue and black connote sober authority, something early tech pioneers were anxious to communicate.

As the tech sector matured, the blue tones lightened and brightened. We’re not sure when corporate photographers started using blue gels in their shoots, but the cyan-toned conference room and cool-blue laboratory are still popular stock-photo choices. Bright blue came to represent cutting-edge technology, and became a popular choice for tech firms that wanted to stay in the comfortable blue family, but kick up the liveliness quotient.


Today, several prominent tech brands are doubling down on blue, especially an electric blue that really pops in digital applications. Zillow’s revamped electric-blue logo and proprietary icons are easy to locate on a small screen. Anyone who used a PC in the 1980s and 90s will feel a sense of deja-vu: that bright blue was ubiquitous in early software programs and websites.

And firms that aren’t historically “tech” brands are using bright blue to signal their entry into a more data-focused arena. McKinsey’s new brand relies on a full range of amped-up blue tones, anchored by its still-sober deep-blue wordmark.

Even IBM has expanded its blue palette to include a variety of bright blues. The flexibility and visibility of these hues is useful to a large, global tech firm with multiple application needs.

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