Published on Nov 2, 2019

Burgundy Powerpoint Background Images

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Burgundy, a dark shade of red with a purplish tinge, symbolizes wealth, power, and ambition.

The Significance of Burgundy in One’s Personality

Burgundy is associated with seriousness, and those who consider it their favorite color usually have an introvert, sophisticated, and reserved nature. They may also be affluent and materialistic with a fondness towards luxurious objects since this shade represents richness.

As burgundy is a shade of red, it has some amount of negativity associated with it. Those who prefer too much of it in their objects of daily life could have some negative traits of aggression, wrath, lust, and malice.


What Does Seeing the Color in Your Dream Mean

Seeing burgundy in your dreams is a symbol of wealth, success and prosperity.

With red being a prime color in burgundy, seeing the color in a dream, especially when you are in an emotional turmoil, could be an indication of your repressed state of mind. For example, a man who was planning to commit suicide had a dream of being trapped in a burgundy garbage bin, with the color of the bin reflecting his potential to actually carry out his plans.

Spiritual Meaning of the Color in Christianity

Burgundy, the color of wine, biblically symbolizes various things, including rejoicing, the Blood of Jesus (shed on the Cross), New Wine, and the Cup of the New Covenant.

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