Published on Jun 29, 2019

City Background Images

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City, relatively stable and highly organized centre of population, larger or greater size or importance than a town or village. The name of a city is assigned to certain urban communities due to any legal or generally accepted distinction, which may vary by region or country. However, in most cases, the concept of a city refers to a certain type of community, urban community and its culture, known as β€œurbanism”.

City government is almost everywhere the creation of higher political power β€” usually state or national. In most western countries, the delegation of authority to cities is carried out through legislation that delegates limited self-government to local corporations.

Some European countries have adopted common municipal codes that allow centralized administrative control over subordinate territories through a hierarchy of prefects government departments and local mayors. In socialist countries, the hierarchical system of local councils is most often used, corresponding to the subordinate authorities of the highest levels of government.


As a type of community, a city can be viewed as a relatively constant concentration of the population along with its diverse habitats, social conditions and ancillary activities, which occupy a more or less restrained place and have a cultural significance that distinguishes it from other species. However, in its elementary functions and elementary characteristics, the city does not differ from the city or even a large village.

A large population, size or density of the settlement itself are not sufficient criteria for differentiation, while many of their social correlates (a division of labour, non-agricultural activities, central functions and creativity) characterize all urban communities to varying degrees from a small rural town to a giant metropolis.

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