Published on Jun 21, 2019

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Between being “cool” as the unconscious of being yourself and being “cool,” consciously choosing to be yourself, lies on the battlefield, full of truly “uncool.”

Being cool is something you can desire, but do you control this quality? New research shows that there is a strong component to being, as well as being considered, cool.

Coolness is Mysterious

As a teenager, you work hard to crack the code. You adapt to minor changes in fashion, staying on top of musical trends and using hip slang, but it still eludes you at critical moments. It seems that something fundamental, even constitutional, must be cool. You either have it or not.


But this is also not entirely clear. It is important for our composure to have love hatred because at the same time we admire children, we recognize their paradoxes – good and sober, disrespectful and rude – but the coolest children are never too sober or rude. It seems they know how heavy their foot is on the gas.

Being cool means breaking the rules, but only in this way. According to one researcher, “people and things are cool, if they look autonomous – they do what they want, regardless of what others think, but in a way that is relevant, considered valuable or effective; without harm or worse. ”

Self-assured calm children seem self-actualization. Perhaps this is a big part of why we admire it to such an extent.

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