Published on Aug 12, 2020

Cosmos Background Images

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The cosmos is the universe regarded as a complex, harmonious and orderly system; the opposite of chaos. Cosmos is a greek word meaning ‘order or orderly arrangement’. Pythagoras is said to have been the first to apply this word to “the universe,” perhaps originally meaning “the starry firmament,” but later it was extended to the whole physical world, including the earth.

The Universe is a orderly arrangement of stars, galaxies, planets and everything else which exists. That is why it is regarded as Cosmos. All the things existing inside the cosmos follow a order or some rules and thus they show certain patterns.

Cosmos is originally a Greek word, meaning both “order” and “world,” because the ancient Greeks thought that the world was perfectly harmonious and impeccably put in order. We now use cosmos without the idea of perfect order. Now it means, “all of creation,” and particularly on the scale of the stars, the planets, the black holes, the other universes, and all the stuff we don’t know about. It’s also, totally separately, the name of a pretty, flowering Mexican herb.


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