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Creativity is the process of generating new ideas and the main strength of all inventions. The process of creating involves exploring new relationships between concepts and things and identifying unique solutions to problems. The creative process consists of a vision of new associations between objects and concepts, and the creative person is marked by features of originality, inconsistency and a high level of knowledge. When you offer a suitable but unique and different solution to a problem that you haven’t thought of before, you are creative.


Psychologists have tried to explain creativity with many of their theories. These include cognitive theories of creativity (creativity as a cognitive process using mental constructs and structures), behavioural theories (ecological and associative nature of creative ideas), psychoanalytic theories (creativity, such as neuroticism), social theories (creativity as a social process and the role of school). And families in the development of talented children) and personality theory (emphasis on personal creativity).

Personality in Creativity

This leads us to the question of the characteristics or personal factors that make a person creative. Is there a clear creative personality? Of course, have. Highly creative individuals and geniuses have similar features, and although each person is creative in one way or another, some people develop their work too well and are considered creative geniuses. Psychologists believe that all very creative individuals have some common personality traits.


1. Complexity – Creative people love challenging situations and problems, as this challenges their mental abilities and helps them think about several possible solutions.

2. Flexibility – Highly creative people are extremely open and susceptible to new ideas and opportunities that help them to go beyond the traditional ways of thinking.

3. Trust – Courage and confidence mark a creative genius, because to be a pioneer, one must have leadership qualities, extreme self-esteem and creative geniuses as leaders, as they show a new path and open up new opportunities.

4. Inconsistency – The creative process itself is an act of inconsistency. Therefore creative people are non-conformist and non-traditional.

5. Intuition – Highly creative people are extremely intuitive and may scare you with the ability to read people’s thoughts and thoughts. Therefore, they can create, because they need to know the order of things and be able to predict the answers of people.

6. Sensitivity – Creative people have a well-developed sensitivity because, without extreme sensitivity, it is impossible to feel and depict emotions through creative work. The novelist must know “how it feels” to be the character of his novel. Otherwise, he cannot create a good novel.

7. Curiosity – The insatiable curiosity of children to almost everything that surrounds them β€” this is what characterizes a creative genius. A creative person wants to know and learn new things and constantly ask questions, and this is the fuel for creative growth.

8. Knowledge – Creative individuals, closely connected with curiosity, have very good general knowledge because they need to use this knowledge in their creative activities. That is why creative people are usually interested in several topics.

9. Independence – One of the features that characterize very high creative geniuses is their independence of thinking. This, again, is connected with leadership and inconsistency, because for independent thinking, it must go beyond the norms.

10. Imagination – A creative person lives in his imaginary world and has a very developed and enriched mental life, and even if it is based, it sometimes thrives from fantasy.

11. Impulsiveness – Since the creative process is a sudden realization, the creative person loves the surprise and likes to work impulsively. Creating something new is an adventure, so impulsiveness, which can be reckless or adventurous, creates creative individual compulsive risk.

12. Criticism – Highly creative people are also extremely critical both for themselves and for others. They criticize others, and this is how they enter new paths and are prone to extreme self-criticism.

13. Management – A creative person has an extremely smooth thinking process and a rich set of ideas.

14. Charm – The genius is usually characterized by a humorous character, exceptional charm, personal appeal and “presence”, which makes them popular and attractive to all kinds of people.

15. Egoism – Highly creative people usually adhere to β€œmy first” attitude, and they are almost always narcissists or characterized by extreme egoism, although they can be very generous and not show their egoism for social reasons, and may even go beyond themselves and work for more important reasons.

16. Originality – Creative individuals love romance and uniqueness and try to go beyond established ideas to find something fundamentally different.

17. Disorder – The love of disorder is common among all creative people because they are bored in order or according to any predictable course of events.

18. Ambiguity – Uncertainty is very attractive to creative people, and they like ambiguity or when there are two or more ways to explain a problem, especially because it gives them freedom of thought and expression.

19. Loneliness – A creative person is usually a loner and, according to psychoanalysis, is also neurotic. A genius is forever isolated from society and very uncomfortable with social norms; they strive to avoid social interaction. However, political and social leaders are more socially active than creative artists and writers, although some of them are willing to lead a reclusive life.

20. Motivation – Creative individuals are extremely motivated, almost driven by a sense of higher purpose in life. They are somehow knowledgeable and enlightened, and many of them seem to believe in the inexplicable (divine) purpose of existence.

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