Published on Jan 19, 2020

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Crow’s feet are small facial lines that appear on the outside corner of your eyes and literally look like feet imprints of a many- toed crow. Although there are other reasons why crow’s feet form, they are typically caused by the repetitive muscle movements for every change of your facial expression. It is sometimes called as laugh lines because the wrinkling forms around the eyes as you smile or laugh.

As a person age, laugh lines becomes deep and prominent. Your ability to produce elastin and collagen makes the skin less supple and elastic thus being prone to wrinkling. This is not to be avoided but thankfully, there are numerous ways to prevent and treat crow’s feet.

Prevention is better than cure. Sounds familiar? It’s what the doctors like to say about all kinds of diseases. This adage hold especially true with crow’s feet. Taking the time to follow the following simple steps might help prevent crow’s feet to show up.


1. Apply moisturizers regularly as it will lock in moisture within the cells to prevent your skin from drying up.

2. Wear your sunscreen. Harsh rays of the sun do not only damage the skin, it also make you squint and frown, and the longer this happens, the higher chance you have of acquiring lines and creases on your forehead and around your eyes.

3. Maintain a healthy diet consist of foods less in sugar, less fat, high in protein and a lot of green leafy veggies

4. Keep your whole body hydrated. You should not rely on your moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Drinking more than eight glasses of water a day will help keep your skin’s elasticity plus you can have that healthy glow in your face.

But of course, you can’t fight the time for it to stop. It can’t be helped that time will take its toll upon us. Crow’s feet due to aging can be minimized with the help of the following advance techniques:

5. Eye creams with Tretenoin as its active ingredient is effective in the renewal of skin cells and collagen production.

6. Chemical peeling helps you remove the dead skin cells around your eyes and resurface a brand new skin layer that is free from any wrinkling.

7. Wrinkle fillers will temporary plump up your skin stretching it, minimizing the wrinkled look.

8. Laser resurfacing is a procedure that makes use of laser beams to stimulate elastin and collagen formation.

9. Face lift and other plastic surgeries are your surgical options to totally remove crow’s feet. Various advance techniques are used to restore the beauty of your skin.

10. Anti-wrinkle injections is also an advanced cosmetic procedure but is less invasive than plastic surgery. This only requires an injection of a substance to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles that contracts upon smiling or scowling.

All of these methods are generally considered to be safe and effective. Effects may be later or much sooner than you initially expected and it usually depends on how much you owe science. Ant-wrinkle injection and face lift are a bit pricey but delivers almost instant and satisfactory results while the cheapest counterpart, wrinkle creams, might take weeks up to months of using it to appreciate some minor improvements. So, take your pick for the best crow’s feet removal method that is best for you.

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