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Cute Background Images

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Cuteness is a subjective concept describing the type of attractiveness, usually associated with youth and appearance, as well as the scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first presented by Konrad Lorenz. Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema (Kindchenschema), a set of facial and body features that cause the creature to “cute” and activate (“facilitate”) other motives to take care of it. as well as things that are considered attractive or fascinating.

The perceived cuteness of the infant is influenced by the gender and behavior of the infant. In Koyama et al. (2006) study, female babies are considered sweet for physical attraction, which female babies show more than male babies; while the Karraker (1990) study shows that the guardian’s attention and commitment to protecting a male child can only be based on the perception of the child’s happiness and attractiveness.

The gender of the observer can determine their perception of the difference in attractiveness. In a study by Sprengelmeyer et al. (2009) suggests that women are more sensitive to small differences in cuteness than the same aged men. This suggests that reproductive hormones in women are important for determining attractiveness.


This conclusion was also demonstrated in a study conducted by T.R. Alley. In the lane, where he had 25 students (consisting of 7 men and 18 women), the attractiveness of the children was assessed according to various characteristics, such as age, behavioral characteristics and physical characteristics, such as head shape and facial features.

Cuteness is culturally diverse. Differences between cultures can be largely due to the need for social recognition.

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