Published on Nov 2, 2019

Cute Powerpoint Background Images

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Cuteness is theorized to be a concept we associate with children. Their characteristic stubby form, large head and eyes, and high pitched voices coincide with what we think of as cute.

Many believe that we evolved to find these traits cute, as a way to ensure that we do not practice cannibalism on our young, or endanger them. We see “cute” things and want to care for and protect them, it’s theorized this is an innate urge that we evolved to help protect and care for our young, especially since humans have a very long period of immaturity where we need the care of adults in our species to help us grow our large brains.

What Makes Things Cute?

Cuteness is typically associated with baby-like features. This usually includes big eyes that are closer to the nose and mouth than in adults as well as short stocky ears and limbs.


Some people would argue that babies of most species have evolved to be cute in order to assure that mothers and others would provide care for them. Evidence for this includes the notion that more altricial species babies (those requiring intensive caring after birth) are cuter than precocial ones (those born relatively mature).

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