Published on Jun 27, 2019

Design Background Images

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The design concept is the idea behind a design. So you plan to solve the design problem in front of you. This is the main logic, reflections and arguments about how you will create a website.

Your concept will lead to your choice of colour and appearance. Choose your aesthetics and define your network. Each design decision will return to the concept of direction.

Your design concept becomes the basis for all your design decisions.


We can think of design concepts in two ways.

Verbal – The verbal parts of your concept may be the words you use to describe the site. For example, your design concept can be exquisite elegance. Verbal concepts tend to be abstract. They focus on the message you need to communicate with your design.

Visual. The visual parts of your concept may be a specific picture or colour scheme. It may be an idea to use circles in a visible place. Visual concepts are a bit more specific. They must come from the verbal part of your concept. Visual concepts focus more on how to convey your message.

Generally speaking, verbal concepts precede visual concepts, because in reality, visual is how you communicate verbally, although it probably depends on the person and how you think best.

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