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Dessert Background Images

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Desserts are unique in that they are different around the world. From cookies to cakes to pies, these sugary treats are beloved by many throughout the world. No matter which country, you will find desserts, but each country has desserts that are unique. It’s fun to look at the delicious dessert recipes from around the world.

In the Unites States, apple pie is known as the most traditional American dessert. It’s been a symbol of American culture as much as baseball has. Apple pies can be made in a variety of different ways, sometimes with cinnamon or nutmeg on the inside. Apple pies didn’t originate in the United States, they actually came from the Pilgrims that came from England.

In France, Chocolate Soufflé with Grand Marnier is very unique. They make this with eggs, chocolate, and, of course, plenty of sugar. When they add Grand Marnier, it adds a citrus taste to the dish.


Gelato is a unique frozen treat from Italy. It’s made in a different way than ice cream, as they use milk instead of cream to make it. It is also thicker and stronger than ice cream as it contains less air.

Canada gives us Maple taffy with is a sweet treat made with snow and maple syrup. Dessert recipes like this are made when hot maple syrup is poured into snow, which hardens. Then it’s placed on a stick and eaten like a sucker.

A delicious dish from Poland is called babka. It’s a sweet cake that often contains raisins or fruit. In Egypt, they enjoy basbousa, which is a cake made with whipped cream berries, and lime curd mixed together. Niger makes a delicious treat that is very much like rice pudding. It’s called Caakiri and uses a variety of ingredients, like nutmeg, cream, and vanilla yogurt. A really delicious Venezuelan treat is a sponge cake with a cream-filled center called brazo de gitano. It can be made with a variety of delicious ingredients, including cream, jam, or icing.

Dessert recipes from the Middle Ages produced Belgian waffles, which are made with a waffle iron and have delicious toppings like fruit or chocolate. In Australia, they have a dessert called pavlova which is a pie with meringue crust. It’s often covered in fruit. In Japan, they make mochi ice cream, which is a cross between ice cream and rice cakes, which make for delicious treats.

In the Philippines they make a wonderful dessert that looks like a pancake that’s called bibingka. They mostly serve and eat it around Christmas time. In Austria, they eat sponge cake called Sacher torte for dessert. Dessert recipes in Mexico include rice pudding with cinnamon called arroz con leche. The Thai have a tradition for their dessert recipes called mango sticky rice, which is a delicious dish, made of rice, coconut, and mango.

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