Published on Jun 27, 2019

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To be elegant is, first of all, to know oneself, and to know oneself well, one needs a certain amount of thinking and intelligence.

How We Look

This is perhaps the easiest way to greater elegance. Elegant people always make an idea to be in perfect condition. Not a hair is out of place. Their clothes are suitable. They are clean and well maintained. They have fewer items, but they are of good quality.

Most of the grooming tools, which makes you look elegant, are available in the supermarket and cost less than ten dollars.


Outer appearance sounds superficial, but most of us do not realize that our appearance says more about us than we want. They reflect our character and habits. Random appearances show that you can’t-be-bothered.

Another important thing: your appearance is like a club membership. It identifies you with similar club members. Those who are elegant also use it to subconsciously identify their friends. As they say, birds of a feather flock together.

What We Say

There is such a thing as elegant speech and elegant conversation.

If you want to learn how to be more elegant, you need to identify the mistakes in your speech. This refers to the grammar, sentence structure, use of the appropriate English language (or any other language you speak). Avoid using jargon or vulgarity. It’s just awful for an elegant person’s ears. Not like you will ever understand, they are likely to miss it to make you feel comfortable.

The elegant conversation is civil and appropriate. This does not interfere with personal matters. It never uses direct questions that may sound like an interrogation. Interrupt never, do not hurry not. It is not long wrapped or full of advice or hints. It is neither forceful or opinionated.

To develop an elegant speech and become an elegant conversationalist, you need to read good books and have some self-reflection. An etiquette book helps in general reading because it helps you identify typical scenarios that will not catch you unprepared later.

Another important point is that we should take a look at the literal terms of “what we say.” What are you talking about? Are they the result of self-esteem, education, training, observation, dedication? Or are they materialistic, superficial, original, without entering into the brain?

However, this is another measure of how we can improve our elegance.

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