Published on Jun 22, 2019

Energetic Background Images

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Energetic living is a lifestyle based on consciousness. This contrasts sharply with a lifestyle that is based only on doing or action. For a person whose mind is traditionally schooled, it is necessary to release some ingrained patterns that relate to the mental and emotional habits that we have created as individuals. These patent owners allow our emotions and mental movements to guide our experience and perception. A co-product is that we end up, for the most part, we are in the cocoon of what we know, instead of using our natural tendency to explore and extrapolate new ideas and experiences.

We are vibrating beings. When you enter into the energetic life, you create your unique awareness of “being,” being more aware of the subtle aspects of life — also called energy. Today, in the 21st century, even Western science has realized that living and nonliving beings are full of energy. It is true that they did not agree on what kind of energy, but for this determination to take place, there must be cooperation between science and religion.

All I want to point out here is this: there is a huge scientific recognition that “things” or “matter”, which includes all living and non-living creatures, are constantly moving. The next time you look at a table, door, or tree, you will find that all the atoms that make this object move – they do not stay in one place. This is proof of the vibration nature of atoms and molecules, of many things that make us too.


Phases of Energetic Life

The first phase of energetic life is to understand how you feel. This attempt to notice your feelings opens many doors. The most important door you open is to recognize your heart. Giving your attention to exploring your senses creates a heartbeat that can blast your life in a beneficial energy zone. With this new relationship, you can actively direct your experience, perception and driving directions. The direction of optimal travel in an energetic life is harmony.

Energetic life naturally changes how you interpret your life. Instead of being random and chaotic, you have a more cohesive presence that is centred in the heart. This single presence and sense of harmony is the basis of your power.

You are more than your physical senses seem. Feelings (touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell) are your interpreters. For the most part, they automatically provide information into your world, calibrated according to your experience, ideas that you accept, and environmental factors that you have already experienced and experienced before.

An energetic life is an awareness of the vibrational nature of life. In this awareness, you have new opportunities so that your experience can extrapolate. In other words, you are outside the cognitive framework associated with mental, emotional, and physical experiences and conventions that you have accumulated so far. It requires you to practice the life skills of “deliverance” and “hugging.” Since then, you have become a scientist in exploring your feelings, your situations and your relationships. You can either give up or save some of the feelings, emotions, situation and people who bring or do not bring harmony into your life.

It is worth noting that in our culture, there is something backward. This was pointed out to me by one of my last teachers. In our culture, we leave our minds to take us to and fro to find the answers. But an energetic lifestyle is to know that, although the mind always has questions, the heart always has the answers.

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