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Fantasy Warrior Wallpapers HD Background

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A warrior is a person specializing in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based warrior culture society that recognizes a separate warrior class or caste.

Warriors seem to have been present in the earliest pre-state societies. Most of the basic weapons used by warriors appeared before the rise of most hierarchical systems. Bows and arrows, clubs, spears, and other edged weapons were in widespread use. However with the new findings of metallurgy, the aforementioned weapons had grown in effectiveness.

When the first hierarchical systems evolved 5000 years ago, the gap between the rulers and the ruled had increased. Making war to extend the outreach of their territories, rulers often forced men from lower orders of society into the military role. This had been the first use of professional soldiers —a distinct difference from the warrior communities.


The warrior ethic in many societies later became the preserve of the ruling class. Egyptian pharaohs would depict themselves in war chariots, shooting at enemies, or smashing others with clubs. Fighting was considered a prestigious activity, but only when associated with status and power. European mounted knights would often feel contempt for the foot soldiers recruited from lower classes. In Mesoamerican societies of pre-Columbian America, the elite aristocratic soldiers remained separated from the lower classes of stone-throwers. The samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of Japan from the 12th to the late 19th century.

In contrast to the belief of the caste and clan based warrior who saw war as a place to attain valor and glory, warfare was a practical matter that could change the course of history. History always showed that men of lower orders who, provided that they were practically organized and equipped, almost always outfought warrior elites through an individualistic and humble approach to war. This was the approach of the Roman legions who had only the incentive of promotion, as well as a strict level of discipline. When Europe’s standing armies of the 17th and 18th centuries developed, discipline was at the core of their training. Officers had the role of transforming men that they viewed as lower class to become reliable fighting men.

Warrior communities


Akinji Curetes Herules
Al-Haras Dacians Highlander
Praetorian Guard Dog soldier Hippeis
Armatoloi Druzhina Hird
Ashigaru Eagle warrior Hoplite
Batavi Eso Ikoyi Hospitaller
Berserker Eight Banners Housecarl
Bogatyr Gabiniani Hulubalang
Boyars Ghazi Hyksos
Sacred Band of Carthage Garhwali Hwarang
Sacred Band of Thebes Gladiator Immortals
Cheyenne Gurkha Impi
Comitatus Hajduks Jaguar warrior
Condottieri Harii Nakh peoples
Cossacks Hashashin Ninja
Crusader Hersir Normans
Janissary Maharlika Numerus Batavorum
Jinyiwei Mangudai Optimatoi
Karaiyar Mamluk Quilombo
Karava Maravar Rajput
Kassites Maratha Reddy
Khalsa Maryannu Ror
Kheshig Maori Rus’ people
Kipchaks Mongols Samurai
Klephts Morlachs Scordisci
Knights Moro People Sengunthar
Kshatriya Medjay Shaolin
Kshetri Meenas Shieldmaiden
Leidang Mesedi Sipahi
Maccabees Mingghan Sohei
Templar Mukkuvar Somatophylakes
Timawa Nair Spartan
Teutonics Triballi Vanniar (Chieftain)
Thingmen Uskoks Varangian Guard
Velir Zulu Kingdom
Voynuks Rigvedic Clans


Fantasy Warrior Wallpapers

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