Published on Jan 22, 2020

Girl Background Images

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Most guys are easily fascinated by a well cultured and fine-looking woman. However, this is not everything you need to know. Every guy has his own preferences. Some guys prefer girls with blue eyes while others prefer girls with long hair.

Others might be engrossed by girls who are family-oriented while others might be attracted to someone who is unconventional. There are, however, many commonalities. It is important to know the kinds of things guys love about girls so you will know how to approach capturing the guy that you like, but remember, even though guys are captivated by a lot of the same kinds of things, every guy has his own preferences and choices.

What do men want in a girl? No surprise, one of the things guys love about girls is an attractive physical appearance. Guys most often fall for girls who possess good looks. Generally speaking, guys are easily hooked with girls who possess certain features such as deep blue eyes, flawless skin, long hair and a slim figure. Currently in North American, large breasts are popular. Why do men love breasts? Having the answer doesn’t matter as long as you don’t agonize over it. The difference in attractiveness between feeling at home in your body and being insecure is much greater than that between having some feature or not.


To catch a guy’s attention, accent your best feature. Highlight it. Dress up well and take good care of your body. How well you present yourself says a lot to a man. Having a good physique will also work better if you have a good sense of style. Dressing with simplicity can be very effective. Other fashions may be just right for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Be independent. Among the things guys want in a girl, not being clingy is generally on top of the list. A woman who exudes confidence is someone a man can commit to. Men value their independence, and they don’t understand women who don’t value their own. Men look for females who are confident and secure in themselves. Guys are more into women who know who they are and can stand on their own. So if you want a guy to fall head over heels in love with you, know when to give him space, but know when to show him love and care as well.

What guys want in a girlfriend includes a compassionate intellect. Men love women who know how to handle conversations. If you think men are all about sex, you have gotten things wrong. Men are smart too. The most eligible bachelors don’t just want women who look good. They are actually after girls who talk with sense and can carry a conversation with humor. These women are hard to find nowadays because most girls right now are too busy dolling themselves up to look their best without noticing that guys want more than that. A woman who is only beautiful is good for an evening. For a lifetime, he needs someone who won’t bore him.

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