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Grunge Background Images

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Seattle is notorious for having some of the most influential grunge bands in history. They have all of the greats plus some up and coming post grunge stars on the horizon. This is an art that truly has to be loved to be appreciated. It is everything real and raw. Many describe it as life in lyrics. Grunge is a mixture of punk, hard rock and heavy metal that deals with real issues and evokes a real emotion from its listeners. One such band was Nirvana. Although deceased, Kurt Cobain was a huge part of the American and contemporary rock movement that went worldwide.

Also from Seattle are Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Other famous bands from Seattle include Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, the Screaming Trees and Green River just to name a few. Seattle has birthed many great bands through the grunge culture that is still holding strong today.

Mudhoney, and Candlebox are on all this list of greats as well. With all of the amazing talent and raw emotion on the surface as well as the amazing artists who evolved from this city it is tough to imagine it getting any better. However, Seattle is not finished producing amazing stars from the depths of its inner cities. There are several up and coming new age grunge bands on the rise, and we will most likely be hearing about them in the very near future.


The post grunge traditions are being carried on through the new age grunge bands. The Sound of Madness which was released in 2008 is one example of new age Grunge. Grunge, if you will, is a cousin of alternative music. It actually was birthed in Washington in the mid to late 80’s. It has a very distinct sound and following. All of the great artists that emerged made it what it is today. While it is not as mainstream as other styles, the early Seattle grunge bands are still influencing almost all rock music released even in 2013.

Grunge took a beating from the post grunge scene and all of the controversy surrounding the death of one if its legends. Many bands broke up, and some sparked interests of their own, but this came into the mainstream and created an undying culture and movement that still has a major impact on the music world today. While grunge music may not be mainstream the culture and the music is still very much alive.

The origins of the grunge music genre are said to actually originate from Seattle in the American Northwest. Bands from the area read like a who’s who of the grunge era. Here was Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam just to name a few. These are the bands that seemed to get almost overnight success and bring grunge to the fore of the American music scene.

Seattle was just filled with many bands at the time. All of these bands in someway had some sort of influence on this type of Seventies metal and punk combination of music.

There are three bands that stand out for me that helped form the mainstream grunge sound that has become so popular today.

Tad was a massive influence on the formation of the grunge scene. Tad is held in high regard by lots of grunge fans for their heavy grinding sound. Their sound is closer to heavy metal than actual grunge and as such means that they have not really had much mainstream success.

It is a great shame that they were not more successful in the mainstream as they do have a great sound that grunge fans really like.

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