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Hair Cutting Scissors Background Images

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Scissors are one of the more fascinating hand tools. Throughout history they have been used as a tool, a traditional gift, an art object, and after the industrial revolution, a specialized utensil for advanced and delicate work. A brief look at scissors shows a wide range of uses for such a simple tool.

Back in the eleventh century, simple scissors were made by the craft guild for scissor-makers. Designs were simple and elegant with the focus on function rather than form. Further back in history, ornate scissors have been found in Turkey from the second century and there are beautiful examples in several museums of Chinese scissors from the Tang Dynasty (7th to 9th century).

But in Europe, scissors were used mostly by the lower classes until the development of communication with Eastern countries. Calligraphy came into style among the upper classes and more delicate, flexible scissors were developed that could work with paper. Decorations were added and designs began to include more ornate styles. Around the fourteenth century, scissors in an elegantly decorated leather sheath were a mandatory part of an admirer’s “love box”, a present sent to a lady of rank from a potential suitor.


Hand tools are usually a part of everyday work for those who deal with the daily routines of life, but they’re not always highly decorated. After scissor designs became more ornate due to the demands of the upper classes, the more intricate designs trickled down to everyday use. Curled handles, etched images and intricate fretwork was added to the scissors, making them works of art to rival their historical counterparts in the Far East. For a few centuries, scissors were made with decorations and added embellishments, bringing a taste for decoration into everyday life and adding a bit of beauty to daily routines.

The industrial revolution brought scissors back to a cleaner, more functional design. Today’s scissors are made from a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, and have an enormous range of uses. From angled micro scissors used in medicine and electronics to long blade scissors that make crafts easier, there are beautifully designed scissors to meet any need in any field. Scissors are hand tools that have a long history of making life easier, and today’s versions are more diverse than ever.

When was the last time you purchased a pair of scissors? Was it for your kids school supply list or maybe it was for all those household tasks? No matter what, you should have at least one pair of quality scissors.

As you probably know, scissors are a handheld cutting tool, which consist of two pivoted metal blades that form a cross-blade. Scissors are a double lever, where the pivot in the blades motion acts as the fulcrum. This is the point at which the lever is free to rotate. The blades connect in such a way where the sharpened edges slide against each other to perform a cut. This sliding action is called shearing and the blades could not perform the cut without it.

Most scissors have blades that are less than 6inches and have handles with two finger holes that are the same size. If the blades are more then 6 inches, then they are considered shears. But most of the time the two words are interchanged with each other.

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