Published on Dec 29, 2019

Hip Hop Dance Background Images

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The life of a dancer is not easy! It is full of challenges that push you to your limits that will sometime make you think or decide to stop. A dancer’s life depends on the dance classes, studio and performances. One has to practice dancing everyday for at least five hours and sometime perform on stage later on at the same day. A dancer has to keep himself fit and in shape in order to execute every dance movement properly and finish the whole dance well. A dancer always aims for perfection and consistency in his or her craft.

A dancer starts training at a young age, around seven to fourteen years old. Then it takes years of constant training, class and practice in order to improve the ability to do any kind of dance movement and there are levels of dancing that one needs to attain until he or she reaches the highest level which is the professional level. And this level becomes more challenging because a dancer needs to keep his dancing ability to the highest quality possible in order to keep his job as a dancer in dance companies. The only way to get into dance companies is through dance auditions. And this becomes very tough for every dancer who wants to get accepted in a dance company he is auditioning for because he needs to stand out among the others who are auditioning with him. Most of the time, the number of dancers auditioning in a company is around fifty to a hundred and a company only accepts about five dancers. And the rest need to go search for other dance opportunity out there.

A dancer is both a machine and a rock. A dancer’s body is the machine that dances, his mind and heart is the rock. A dancer needs to train for long hours everyday because he needs to keep his body to its maximum fitness level in order to withstand extreme stress in doing the movements and to last the whole dance no matter how long the dance is. A dancer has to a have a strong mind and heart in order not to be affected by the extreme amount of frustration and discouragement that will make his work and quality of dance go down.


It may sound dramatic but really it will show on stage and during the performance when a dancer is performing half-heartedly or is bothered by something. So this is one of the biggest obstacles that a dancer needs to develop as well while training. Life is really tough for a dancer but he never gives up because what drives a dancer to do what he does is his passion and love for dance! It really sounds corny and dramatic but in the real world, it is really true!

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