Published on Jan 23, 2020

Keep Calm Background Images

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“The calm under the waves, in the blue of my oblivion”.

Calmness is a gift that the human being has been gifted with. Yet in this competitive and stressful age, we have forgotten to keep the calmness alive within us. Calm is often compared with stillness. Anything that is still or stagnant is considered to be calm. It is not so. The waves are not calm; they are always on the move. Yet the calmness persists by its shore and also under its blues where a deep oblivion of unexplored thoughts exists.

Breathe it out

Sometimes it is difficult to stay calm in the most worst of situations. Panic and stress are the first expressions that strike. In this case breathing all of it out is the best possible way to stay calm. A sudden shock can always attack your calmness. All you need to do is not forget to take deep breaths while keeping your eyes closed for a couple of sound minutes. One can also concentrate on any object that is the best example of serenity and breathe while admiring it.

Go on a voyage to your happy memories

Memories are the most precious treasures one can have. There are bad memories that need not to be dug out again and then there are the happy and good ones that bring a little smile on our faces even on the worst days. Whenever you feel you are anxious or are losing out on your calm, just take a trip down the memory lane. But do make sure to go on the flowery path of the spring blooms and autumn sheds.


Cry if it lightens or scream if it brightens

Crying and screaming may sound like they are negative human stimulations but actually they are not. Crying and screaming are very strong human actions which are caused due to emotions that have the capacity to trigger them. At times crying all the problems out for just a few minutes even calms a person down. It is a therapy that instantly brings back peace and lightens the body and soul.

Screaming is the louder version of crying. But not to be mistaken as violent since screaming out all the hidden emotions in a lonely place not only brings peace to the mind at times but also gets it over with the hidden anger which one has restored from a long time. It is a part of many famous anger management therapies.

Meditating and connecting with the inner self

Meditating is considered to be the best method to bring back calmness and stability in one’s life by almost all experts. It involves full concentration of mind towards a sound or memory. The most used and tranquil word in the process of meditation is Aum, i.e. Om. It helps in the emergence of all the Chakras of the body and stabilizes mind and soul completely. But it is not very achievable at times when there is extreme instability. While meditating, one is fully aware of oneself and the sound arising from within.

Only one word, thought or sound is to be focused at and the rest is to be completely ignored.

Do what you love and leave the rest out for the time

It so happens that many times a stroke of horse hair brush dipped in oil paint on a canvas is the best sight for a person. It helps in regaining calmness. Or the smell of baked food and the sound of a light jazz are the best possible ways to keep calm. Concentrating on the things that make you happy is the best thing one can do to keep its calm intact. In this way one can develop the habit of self construction even by staying calm.

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