Published on Aug 25, 2020

Lexus NX Background Images

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The Lexus NX is a compact luxury crossover SUV sold by Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota. It was introduced in late 2014 as an all-new, entry-level crossover model in Lexus’ lineup, slotted below the mid-size RX crossover. The name “NX” stands for “Nimble Crossover”.

The NX was revealed at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on 20 April 2014. The NX shares a small portion of parts with the Toyota RAV4 primarily related to the structure and wheelbase, while the styling, suspension parts, some engines, interior, and level of luxury and craftsmanship are unique to the Lexus. Lexus NX variants sold in the United States feature slightly altered fascias, which facilitate higher departure angles. US sales began in November 2014. Production commenced on 8 August 2014 at the Miyata plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka.

The NX 300h is powered by a 2.5 L 2AR-FXE engine mated to an electric motor and CVT that puts out a combined power output of 145 kW (194 hp).


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