Published on May 16, 2020

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Long lasting light bulbs are not just another trendy fad aimed at separating you from your money, but in fact, they are a very easy way to save about 35 dollars for each one that you install in your home or office. By replacing just ten conventional 60 watt light bulbs, that’s a savings of 350 dollars each year. In addition to saving you money, long life bulbs offer other benefits such being easy to install, being easy to purchase at almost any store, and that they are manufactured to replace just about any light in a home from small appliance to large flood style lighting.

Cost Saving

Typically, long life light bulbs will about as long as eight conventional bulbs. Although one long life bulb costs more than conventional bulbs, the real savings comes with what it will cost in electricity to power each type of bulb. Long life models are able to offer a large energy savings per bulb because quite simply, they use less energy but with a twist. In order to give off as much light (lumens) as a conventional 60W light bulb, you would replace it with a 13 watt long life light bulb.

To power a 60 watt bulb for 8000 hours (about one year), it would cost about $48.00, assuming electricity cost $0.10/kWh. In order to power a 13W light bulb for the same amount of time and at the same per kWh rate, the cost goes down to $12.00 per year. So if the initial cost of a long life bulb is $3.50, and each of the eight conventional bulbs is $ 0.25,add in energy costs, you would end up paying about 35 dollars less each year for each long life light bulb. This is just for one bulb. Imagine how much money could be saved if every bulb in the home was replaced.


The Science Behind the Savings

The conventional light bulbs that have been used for many years use a metal filament made of tungsten to create light. Also inside the bulb, is an inert gas called argon. When electricity is applied to the bulb, the tungsten is heated and the many tiny atoms of tungsten that make up the filament begin to vibrate and collide giving off light because of the high temperature in the light bulb. As this happens the tungsten filament thins and eventually breaks causing that jingling sound you hear when you shake a burned out light bulb. In long life models, the same tungsten filament is used, but the gasses inside the bulb allow it recycle the tungsten atoms back to the filament. These filament of these bulbs burns at a much higher temperature creating more blue visible light than invisible infrared light. This allows the bulb to appear brighter at a much lower wattage than a conventional light bulb.

Ease of Purchase and Installation

Long life light bulbs have become increasingly popular as many people have become concerned about global warming and living a more earth-friendly lifestyle. In addition to large wholesale clubs and home improvement chain stores, these types of bulbs can even be found at local grocery stores, pharmacies, and small convenience stores. The internet, as it is for many other products, is also good place to search for unusual bulbs or to get a deep discount especially when buying in bulk.

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