Published on Jan 6, 2020

Mailbox Background Images

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When most people think about mailboxes, they think about very mundane steel containers which serve no other purpose than that of well a mailbox. Mailboxes however, actually come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with many different functions often included in the design of the individual who purchased or built the mailbox.

While in fact most of the mailboxes people purchase are simple steel boxes in the classical mailbox half-oval shape, some mail boxes are very ornate indeed. There is no law that says mailboxes cannot be something more, even much more than just a plain and ordinary mail box. Some of the more ornate versions of mailboxes incorporate such unique features as bird baths, bird houses, sporting events, buildings etc.

One of the most unique mailboxes includes a completely automated system. It notifies the mail-recipient when mail arrives to the mail box and delivers the post, via a system of automated belts and drives, directly to the kitchen table of the mailbox holder. While mailboxes such as these are extremely rare, and usually only found in home made mailboxes, they are not alone in their quest to be something more than just a mailbox.


Some of the more common garden-variety mailboxes include homes for animals. It is not at all uncommon in rural areas to find mail boxes that have been made up and serve other purposes. The birdhouse is the most commonly used variation it seems. Often the mailboxes are simply set on longer poles, but sometimes the owners of the mailboxes go to great length to make their mailboxes stand out. One such birdhouse and mailbox incorporates the local fauna, a bird feeder and also the mailbox all together to form a most-conducive atmosphere for the local wildlife while still providing easy access for the mail delivery.

Another common theme of mailboxes is buildings. Whether the mailbox is shaped like a home, a barn or any other reminder that the mailbox owner enjoys, these are pleasing not only aesthetically, but maintain their primary functions as mailboxes. Perhaps the most common building mailbox is a barn. However, there is no limit to what can be created with a simple mailbox if the owner has a little imagination and ability.

There are actually a few coffee-table books and other interesting collections of memorabilia regarding mailboxes. The designs, the aesthetic appearances and the use of mailboxes need not be limited to the simple and plain mailbox anymore.

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