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Mona Lisa Background Images

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Mona Lisa is the most popular painting till date. The 500th anniversary of the painting was celebrated in 2003-2006. It is at the Louvre at present. It has achieved celebrity status now! Ever wondered why the painting Mona Lisa most famous than any other ones? Well, there are actually too many reasons behind it. We could be discussing those facts and factors here which led to Mona Lisa becoming the most popular painting of all times. First of all, the magic of Mona Lisa is connected with the painter himself-the great Leonardo da Vinci. He is considered as the symbolized man of the Renaissance. He was the seer, heroic wise man.

There is no relevant proof of the actual birth of the painting, but is believed that the actual date of the painting is somewhere around 1504-1516. The identity of the woman in the painting is not assured till date. Some say her as ‘certain Florentine lady’ while the others believe that she is the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo. That is why; she is often referred to as ‘Mrs. Giocondo’. Whoever she was, she seemed to be in her late 20s or early 30s at the time this painting was prepared. Leonardo used this painting as a sort of advertisement and took it with him to Milan, Rome and France. Thus, not only a mystery, the painting was also an attention-grabber since its earliest days.

The trend of painting was revolutionized with this Mona Lisa painting. Before this one, the portraits were drawn full length. Leonardo became the first one to introduce the Sfumato technique painting. Earlier, the background and foreground of a painting were equally distinct, but in this painting it is not so. This also made special and peculiar one. If seen, it gives an impression as if you are seeing a live woman. Without any jewelry or frills, the painting gives even a more natural look. A fact or incident that made it more special was that the painting was acquired by Francis I, King of France, and kept at Fontainebleau in 1530s. The upper level people of the society wondered at the realism depicted in the painting.


They were actually startled! The smile of Mona Lisa became the key of attraction; apart from the whole painting that was mesmerizing in itself. The smile was so real and so pleasing that it seems as if it was not of a human, but of someone very divine. The fame of the painting took a new turn in 1911. The painting was stolen from the Louvre! The safety and guardianship of the treasure was questioned everywhere. Rewards were offered, banners of shock and mourning were found worldwide. Al this gave it enormous familiarity throughout the world. The time all the fuss calmed down, the painting was found in Italy.

It was taken back to France in 1913. It was a festive season for everyone. Its return was celebrated everywhere; especially on a large scale in France. In 1963, the painting was taken to the US for seven weeks. There, it was seen by over a million and a half viewers; over two million people saw it on a tour in Tokyo and Moscow in 1974. After getting involved in so many controversies and popularity factors, the fame of the legendary painting could be seen from everywhere to anywhere.

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