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Motorcycles were first introduced in the later half of the 19th century. Although the motorcycles invention have become one of the most popular and conventional means of transportation. Vintage motorcycles are the earlier models of motorcycles manufactured after the First World War.

Vintage of motorcycles are all time passion of bike riders and speed lovers. Besides its passion, someone passionate rider also collects and preserves vintage motorcycles as treasures. Japanese, British, European and American leading motorcycle manufacturers in the early days. But Japanese brands have gained popularity because of their economic value and bike parts were easily availed.

Sunbeam, BMW, BS, Norton, DKW, Brough Superior and Triumph are one of the most famous manufacturers of vintage motorcycles and those companies introduced many models of motorcycles during that period of time. Famous models include the BMW R12, Indian 8-valve racer, Indian Chief, Sunbeam Model-LL, Triumph Tiger, John Tickle Norton, Cotton Racer, Bonneville Triumph and Norton Dominator 99.


Vintage bike can be more expensive than modern styles. On average, vintage motorcycles will cost around $11,000 or more. But the price of vintage motorcycles will vary depending on age, model and type.

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