Published on Dec 20, 2019

Mug Background Images

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What better way to say thank you to your clients than with a complimentary customized mug with your companies logo and contact information. Promotional items such as mugs and hats, pens and notepads help your clients to be constantly reminded that you are there ready to help them with whatever they might need. Mugs are particularly great because they are one of those every day items that everyone needs and uses. It is tough to get through a full day without running into a coffee or tea mug somewhere. They are common items in every household and every office; but there are other kinds of mugs as well. You might choose a coffee or tea mug to promote your company or you can choose from a variety of beer or cold drink mugs.

Customized mug printing is handled differently based on what type of mug and what type of printing you choose. In some cases you will be able to choose the color of the printing as well as the finish on the printing whether it will be shiny or matte. All mug printing is fast and low cost though; so that makes advertising with custom printed a mugs an affordable venture for any company anytime. The best mugs to choose for promotional purposes are those that are attractive and comfortable to hold. To ensure your clients use your products everyday they need to be comfortable and attractive.

Customized mugs when paired with other great promotional items are among the lowest cost forms of advertising and they make brilliant gifts around the holidays. Most businesses will buy a gift for their biggest clients or their suppliers around the holidays anyway, so what better gift than one that will remind them of you each day, and will tell their friends about you at the same time. You can thank our clients, and advertise to their friends and colleagues at the same time. Just put in your order and start advertising within the week; it’s that easy and that fast. Your advertising efforts will start working right away. Within days of beginning to hand out your customized mugs you will begin to see new clients walking through your doors.


Pairing superior customer service with great new promotional items will undoubtedly increase your client base and help to convert your current customers into repeat customers. People love to get something for free, and to feel as if they are truly appreciated by the companies they do business with. Show your clients that you appreciate them, and remind them that you are here and happy to do business with them in the future, by providing them high quality promotional items each time they purchase from you.

The return on this type of advertising is huge because of the truly targeted form of advertising. You provide advertising materials to people who are already using your service, they show them to their friends and colleagues who are also likely to use your services. It’s a win-win situation for you and your clients.

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