Published on Aug 29, 2020

Multi-Colored Background Images

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Color has an intense effect on our mood. In clothing, interiors, landscape and even natural light, a color may change our mood from confusion to intelligence, sad to happy, from fear to confidence. Different colors have different effects on each individual. The effects of color on mood are going to vary from individual to individual. Response to a color may be subjective to a number of factors such as the body’s need for a specific color, a sad or happy memory associated with a color.

Color schemes contain emotional messages too. There are no absolutes in the world of color. Some colors make you want to get out of your chair, others make you want to nestle down and read. Some colors are articulate and must be listened to. Others are very quiet. Some colors indicate that you have traveled or are well read. Yet others create a desire for closeness, intimacy and love.

An awareness of the emotions generated by different colors is helpful in planning personal palettes that will be pleasant to live with. Subtle changes in tone can increase or decrease the emotions evoked by a particular color, allowing it to be included in many diverse palettes.


Colors can significantly alter the overall ambience and mood of interiors. It is therefore very important that one chooses a color that can effectively reflect the mood one wishes to create. The choice of colors is heavily dependent on personal tastes and different people may choose colors that best reflect their individual aesthetic senses. Like, choosing red or violet for one’s bathroom elicits boldness and vibrancy. Use of brighter colors such as yellow or white sparks up the interiors whereas blue and green display calmness and serenity.

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