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Pug Puppy Background Images

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The history of the Pug puppy is vague. Breeders believe the breed is approximately 4,000 years old and most believe that it was originally the result of a combination of Pekinese and Bulldog. Many people believe that the breed was originally an Asian breed until the Dutch explorers introduced the small dog to Europe.

In recent years the Pug dog breed has been enjoying a growing popularity. The Pug is a toy breed of dog, the average height of the a full grown Pug is ten to eleven inches tall and they typically weigh between fourteen and eighteen pounds. Dog owners are thrilled to find that they have a variety of colors to choose from when looking for a new Pug puppy. Pugs can be apricot-fawn, silver or black.

The Pug puppy’s coat is short, fine and soft to the touch. Pug puppies have a black mask on their faces that cover their cheeks, muzzle and ears, before tracing down the Pug’s back. The Pug’s smashed in face and bulging eyes are very distinctive. The Pug’s tail curls up and over its back. The breed became an international phenomenon when it appeared in the original Men In Black movie.


The Pug puppy has an endearing personality. Dog lovers would find it hard to find a happier breed of dog. The best thing about the pug is that it gets seems to get along with everybody and everything. It likes people, children, cats and other dogs. Dog lovers are surprised that a dog with such an amicable nature also makes an excellent watchdog. The reason the Pug puppy makes such a great watchdog is because it’s alert. It’s impossible for someone to approach the house without the Pug noticing.

Pug puppies are active but as long as they’re routinely walked they do well in apartments. Pug puppies are an excellent choice for a dog owner who also doesn’t want to spend a lot of time grooming. Occasionally running a brush over the Pug’s short coat and routinely trimming the small dog’s nails is all the grooming the average Pug puppy requires.

The Pug does have some health concerns that the owner needs to be aware of. Owners have to keep an eye on the puppy’s protruding eyes to make sure they aren’t punctured or scratched. Pug owners need to watch to make sure their Pug puppy doesn’t over eat or develop respiratory problems.

Bringing home a Pug puppy can be both an exciting and terrifying time, both for you and the new puppy. This is the first time your Pug puppy has been separated from its mother and littermates, adding the separation to the fact that the puppy is in a strange environment and it bound to be a stressful time for your new pup. Your state of mind might not be any better. You are responsible for a new life, one that isn’t housebroken. The key to keeping the big day as stress free as possible is to be organized.

Making sure you have the right equipment before bringing your puppy home. You’ll need a crate, food dishes, a dog collar, a leash, chew toys and puppy food. Make sure the crate is somewhere in your house that is quiet but not so quiet that the new Pug puppy will feel isolated.

Make sure you have plenty of time to spend with your puppy when you bring it home. One of the worse things you can do is bring a Pug puppy home, shove it in a crate and then leave it alone for several hours. Having someone around will make your puppy feel secure about the changes.

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