Published on Feb 8, 2020

Purple Aurora Background Images

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A purple aura means creativity, ideas, and enlightenment. Having an aura this color can indicate all of these things, as well as the healing, cleansing, and soothing of the soul. If your aura is purple, you may find this says a great deal about your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. Read on to learn about the meaning of a purple aura. If you want to dive deeper and learn how to see your aura for yourself, how to repair it, and what your aura means for compatibility and life choices, you’ll be interested in my book, Auras Revealed, in which I explore these subjects and more!

Purple Aura Color Meaning

Note that the color of your aura changes all the time. While it may be purple during one reading, it could easily change to blue or yellow immediately after. Aura reading is a very personal process, and the outcome depends on many factors. Interpretation can change depending on a person’s passions, hobbies, health, likes, and dislikes.

Keep in mind the person reading the aura may have his or her own set of individual interpretations or insights; not everyone will see the same meanings in the colors before them. It is possible to get two entirely different readings from two different people within five minutes of each other, so talk to your advisor in depth about what he or she is saying and how it relates to you and your life.


Understanding Your Purple Aura

In your aura, the color purple may carry any number of meanings depending on which line of thinking you follow. With this in mind, it is generally accepted that purple indicates a sense of knowing and oneness with the spiritual. An understanding that you are connected to everything around you can bring a sense of spiritual well being, a state that is most commonly associated with this aura color.

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