Published on Jun 29, 2019

Purple Background Images

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Purple is a beautiful color created by two beautiful color – blue and red. Often, purple is associated with luxury, strength, wisdom, creativity and magic. When you look psychologically purple, it is a color that balances red and blue. Reds tend to give intensity and energy to color, while blue brings relaxation and stability, together they create a shimmering purple color that is the perfect balance for both.

Meaning of Purple Color

Like other colors, there are different shades of purple, and all of them can have different meanings. Light purple has feminine energy, bright purple is associated with wealth and royalty, and dark purple can be associated with sadness and disappointment.

Physically, purple can have a calming effect on mind and nerves, it can be inspiring and can evoke creativity. So from these points of view, you can have a purple color in every room in your home. It is the color of imagination and spirituality.


There are not many purple representatives in nature; flowers of this color are scarce and are considered rare and tender. Color also means passion, vitality and satisfaction.

Purple also has color shades, each of which means something different. Thus, light purple means feminine energy, romantic or nostalgic feelings. Bright purple has always been associated with wealth and royal titles. This story shows the most influential copyrights in purple clothing.

On the other hand, purple has shades that are not so happy. It is said that dark purple symbolizes sadness and disappointment. So think which purple shade you prefer best? The amount of color present in your life can also affect your condition.

Be careful how you are surrounded by this color. Too much purple can make you irritable and arrogant, even impatient to others. Much less of this color will lead you to the other side to experience apathy and negative feelings.

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