Published on Jan 27, 2020

Shine Background Images

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We will still be able to see any hidden things in a complete darkness without shining any lights to the scene. However, you need infrared light. Before we discuss the light, it is better to talk a little about the relation between light and the ability of human’s eyes to define the lights.

Light is part of electromagnetic waves in which not all of those waves can be accepted by human’s senses. All lights our eyes can see belong to visible spectrum. Infrared light belongs to part of spectrum which human can not detect. Though we can’t see infrared light, we can indeed use it to see things clearly in the darkness.

Have you ever used some night vision goggles? If you haven’t, you might be intrigued to try ones as you see the following info. These tools are usually used in military, hunting, and any applications which need to detect something hidden in the darkness. Infrared light is used in those night vision tools in which the light has different techniques that give different imaging for those night vision devices.


Firstly, we want to introduce near-infrared imaging technique. For brief knowledge, near infrared light belongs to spectrum near the visible part of spectrum. This technique uses an infrared detector and an infrared emitter. When you use this technique, the emitter will send the infrared light while the detector will record the image that you can see. This technique is usually used in security systems in which the officers should see things without shining visible light on the objects.

The second technique, thermal imaging helps you see things in the darkness based on the temperature differences in the image. The hotter the objects the more you can see them as they will appear brighter than cooler ones. The objects you can see with the thermal-imaging vision goggles will be displayed in shades of blue, pink, and any other colors. One more thing, this technique uses far-infrared light which stands far from part of visible spectrum, but near the microwave spectrum.

The last technique, night vision goggles using low-light imaging take the near-infrared, ultraviolet and visible light in the image. These goggles also use electronics to amplify the signals to produce a visible image. This technique of imaging gives the most detailed picture compared to the previous ones.

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