Published on Aug 10, 2019

Simple Powerpoint Background Images

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Simple allows you to see the wood for trees. When you try to do one thing and not several things as you can, the result will always be better. If all you had to do today is paint the front door, how wonderful it would be. You would not cut corners, you would not be in a hurry, everything would be all right with you.

Simple Isn’t Easy

It takes hard work to find the only thing you need to focus on: trying to understand what the problem is trying to solve. It is too easy to say “yes – and then we could do x, y and z too.” It’s hard not to shake a good idea until it goes wrong. Therefore, people are struggling to boil their concepts to a single idea.

Simple is About Clarity

George Bernard Shaw said: “I’m sorry this letter took so long, I did not have time to make it shorter.” It is clear why we have an elevator step. It’s not that your potential supporters do not have time to hear your idea, but that they need to be sure that other people will “understand”.


Simple Prevents Confusion

And confusion kills great ideas. Muddying the water, considering all options, meeting others, holding your breath, reporting to advice, getting legal advice, adding to your mix, adding a roadmap. They all put off tactics that only exacerbate confusion and push us away from what we are trying to achieve. What if the committee’s only task is to simplify the idea? What if the only questions you could ask yourself when you came up with an idea were there simpler ways to achieve something?

Simple Focus On Your Energy.

There are always more things you can do. You can always work harder, longer, more diligently. But if we could simplify our to-do list: get rid of insignificant things and just focus on tasks that will be of great importance, how much more productive would we be?

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