Published on Nov 8, 2019

Sports Background Images

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Sports not only provides fun and exercise but provides life lessons in a fun game environment. A team teaches kids how to cooperate with their teammates even if they aren’t particularly friends.

They learn to develop friends and lifelong associations from the shared experiences. You learn that to succeed as a group you sometimes need to make sacrifices, execute tasks you don’t like or may even scare you a bit. You learn to support your teammates when they succeed and when they fail.

You learn to put the teams goals ahead of personal glory and that even your best efforts are no guarantee of success. These are things kids need to learn in life to survive the real world.


Its important for kids to play sports because:

  • They get to go outdoors instead of spending their whole time watching TV or playing video games.
  • Its a great time to stretch muscles and run around and sweat.
  • Playing any sport makes you feel active, drains you , and your appetite for hunger increases.
  • With all that running around and sweating , a good night’s sleep and relaxation is assured.
  • Playing outside helps the kids to make new friends, mingle with others and a bond of friendship develops.

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