Published on Aug 10, 2019

Spring Powerpoint Background Images

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Spring is a season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken, and the earth seems to come to life again. Farmers and gardeners plant seeds, and the temperature rises gradually. The timing of these changes varies by location.

What most people call spring is based on the astronomical definition of a word. Spring is usually considered the period between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice. The astronomical spring, determined by the angle of inclination of the Earth to the Sun, relies on equilibrium and solstice to determine it.

The equinoxes are special days of the year when day and night are almost equal. There are two equinoxes, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The spring or autumn equinox occurs around March 20 in the northern hemisphere and around September 22 in the southern hemisphere.


Ideal Temperatures

Spring comes between two extreme seasons – harsh winters and searing summers. That’s why this magnificent season offers us the perfect temperature to continue our cool adventures in the fresh air and still enjoy comfortable evenings wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

The Sweetest Animals

What is cuter than baby animals? Gorgeous rabbits, pigs, chicks or ducks. It is simply impossible to avoid the captivating photos or videos of these little ones. But honestly, who will escape this cuteness?

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

After a long and gloomy winter, spring gives us dazzling flowers! Starting from the early snowdrops, beautiful blooming flowers appear everywhere. Trees also have a fresh green appearance with their flowering. How wonderful!


Undoubtedly, colorful Easter refers to the spring season. This holiday is a great opportunity to spend much-needed quality time with your loved ones, enjoy all the joyful customs and enter this fresh season with a smile on your face!

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