Swisstyle Watch Best Choice for Men and Women


Swisstyle is a watch company provide elegant watches for men & women. The brand SWISSTYLE trademark by MAJESTI WATCH CO. INC. in NEW YORK, 10018.

You can find Swisstyle watches in different styles and designs including jewel analog wrist watch for women, crystal style which comes with ceramic material and its mechanism made of Quartz. It comes in various colors such as gold & silver.

For men Iik collection analogue watches comes in different colors such as black, silver, brown, golden, etc. The watches has a number of key features, such as a round black dial and black and gray metal chain with a steel back cover.


Swisstyle watches are specially designed for all the handsome men and beautiful women who desire for a royal and luxurious appearance. Which makes its party accessory for you.

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