Published on Feb 19, 2021

13 Sylvan Wallpapers HD Background

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Sylvans, called willowers or pucks, and labeled superstitiously as devils (archaic Common: deovel; Elder Speech: d’yaebl; Dwarvish: duvvel), are are an exceptionally rare, intelligent race native to the woodlands of the Northern Kingdoms. They are distinguished by prominent goat-like visage and delight in pranks, feasting, and music.

Sporadically, sylvan may also be referred to as a “faun”.

Sylvans resemble a human with goat’s horns, soft lips with yellow, horse-like teeth, and a goatee. Their lower body features a tasseled tail and hairy legs with cloven hooves. The horns earned sylvans the label of “devils”, which they dislike, and occasionally cause confusion with the beastly chorts for humans who have never seen the latter. Their voice resembles goat’s bleating. Their life-spans reached up to more than 100 years.


Though miles away apart in behavior, sylvans are related to the Aen Seidhe with whom they share the blood of the Elder Race. It’s therefore unsurprising that many sylvans are quite familiar with elven defenses and that the two peoples have no difficulty to cooperate. Some scholars include sylvans among the so-called sapient monsters.

Sylvan Wallpapers

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