Published on Oct 14, 2018

Toilet White Background Images

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Toilet is a piece of hardware used to collect or disposal human urine and stool. In other words: “Toilets are user interface sanitary facilities that provide safe and comfortable urination and defecation.” Toilets can be with or without a flushing water (toilet or dry toilet). They can be installed for a sitting position or for a squatting posture. Flush toilets is usually connected with sewage systems in urban areas and with septic tanks in less developed areas. Dry toilets are connected to a pit, a removable container, a composting chamber, or other storage and treatment device. Toilets are usually made of ceramics (porcelain), concrete, plastic or wood.

In private homes, the toilet, sink, bath or shower can be in the same room. Another option is to have a body washing (bathroom) and a separate toilet room and handwashing sink. Public toilets consist of one or more toilets (and often urinals) that are available to the general public. Portable toilets or chemical toilets can be may be brought in for large and temporary gatherings.

Very poor households in developing countries use very simple and often unhygienic toilets, such as ordinary toilets and bucket toilets, which are usually placed in rooms. Globally, almost a billion people do not have access to the toilet and are forced to open defecation (particularly in India). Diseases transmitted by the fecal-oral route or by water, such as cholera and diarrhea, can spread through open defecation. They can also be spread by unsafe or hazardous toilets, which cause pollution of surface water or groundwater. Historically, sewage is a problem from the very early stages of the development of human settlements.


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