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White Rose Background Images

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Red roses are always beautiful, but nothing beats the magical quality that a white garden rose brings to the gentle quiet of a lone backyard. The whiteness of white roses is associated with a gentle purity that, though it may only be an illusion, brings an otherworldly glow that brightens it up even in the calm of the night. There are many white rose varieties-some more beautiful, some more fragrant, others much hardier. For the amateur gardener, it pays to know the most popular white roses so you have an idea of what you can start planting in your own garden. That is exactly what we present to you in this article.

1. Iceberg. This is perhaps the most popular of all white roses because it is the whitest of all whites. But even the Iceberg doesn’t enjoy the sheer whiteness of pure white all the time because the outside of its petals turn into a dash of blush and the center becomes a light ochre as the bloom opens. Nevertheless, the Iceberg is still one of the most beautiful white roses and the blooms last longer than most others. It is also a very hardy and flexible plant that can be easily trained to fit into narrow spaces, grow in pots, serves as a hedge, or flourish in a shade.

2. Musk Rose. With its golden stamens adorning the center of its double rose flowers, the musk rose is probably the most fragrant white garden rose of all time. Local gardeners say that a single musk rose can keep an entire room fragrant. What more can an entire rose bush do for your garden. This old rose variety makes a good climbing rose as it can go as high as the tallest trees in your backyard. It was originally grown in Islamic gardens in the 11th century and was introduced to the Old World during the time of Henry VIII.


3. Alba Semiplana. Although there is a dispute regarding the real identity of the White Rose of York, many historians believe that it is the Alba Semiplana, a fragrant rose cultivated in Bulgaria to make perfumes. The Alba Semiplana is a beautiful double flower with blush-tinted petals and a golden yellow center. In autumn, the rose hips are an attractive red. Experts believe that this flower was adapted by the Yorkists as their own symbol during the War of the Roses in 15th century Britain.

4. Sombreuil. An old tea rose variety cultivated in 1856, Sombreuil boasts of creamy white flowers literally as huge as saucers and layers of flat petals that ring around an amber center. This white rose, as with most tea roses, is more suitable to warmer climates because they have originated from a place where the air is warm and the sun is up, at least most of the time-China. Sombreuil is a repeat bloomer and can climb up a high pillar or easily make a low hedge.

5. Blanc Double de Coubert. Beautiful, tough, and interesting are three words to describe this particular brand of white garden rose. The Blanc Double de Coubert has clusters of petals crunched together to make a windswept look, but it still exudes a kind of elegant loveliness only a white rose can have. It also thrives in hot climates where the summers are humid and its roots can withstand vole attacks. One thing magical about this rose, however, is its fragrance, which intensifies as the dusk settles in.

There you have it, the world’s most popular roses. Take your pick and decide which of these you would like to have in your own garden. Whichever of these white roses you choose, you can be certain your garden will enjoy that fairy-tale charm only a beautiful white rose can give. Happy planting!

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