Published on Aug 20, 2019

Worship Powerpoint Background Images

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Worship is an act of religious devotion, usually directed towards a deity. The act of worship can be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by an appointed leader. Such actions may include honor.

Worship is crucial because it is the key to the presence of God. In other words, what brings us intimacy with the Father is two-way communication. Worship is defined as simply a divine encounter with God. We enters His presence, bows, falls and shows Him our full reverence. Worship is a place that God promises to “meet with us,” because worship is something that is done from within that is in our spirit.

“True worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.” Most believers know that they are responsible for worship, but when we asked to determine what true worship means or how it is carried out, they cannot give any answers.


A person generally has an inner need to express his love and gratitude to some deity, and it is this “someone” who determines his worship. Worship is a time when we forget about ourselves, concentrate on Christ, and experience His presence.

Believers can worship the Lord with all their heart and soul, because they have already invited Him into their lives – their spirit has already been united and quickened by His Spirit. In other words, believers in Christ can “inwardly” convey their love for the Father through the spirit.

This daily communication allows us to confront difficult circumstances. If we hear from the Lord and keep our eyes on Him, we can resist everything. Therefore, worship is not only the key to intimacy, but also the key to withstanding trials or tribulations and restoring the joy of our salvation.

Unbelievers, on the other hand, cannot actually worship the Lord in this way because their spirit is not yet united or accelerated by the Spirit of God. In other words, they cannot “internally” communicate or fellowship directly with the Father. They can only have an external form of worship. Therefore, they cannot know the Father personally or secretly.

The purpose and purpose of worship is to exalt, exalt, love and worship the one true God – Jesus Christ. In other words, worship is simply a prayer for a relationship in which the “created” exalts the “Creator.” This is an expression of His dignity. When we worship, we join the angels, cherubs, seraphs, prophets, apostles and warriors of heaven, fall on their faces and extol the one true God.

So to summarize, the purpose of worship is to adore, praise, and love Him in the same nature as in the spirit. Men and women who truly learn to worship can change their world!

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