Published on Jun 29, 2019

Yellow Background Images

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Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum and the most noticeable of all the colors by the human eye.

Meaning of Yellow Color

The yellow color means happiness and optimism; it is the color of the sun, bright light and creativity. It is believed that it affects the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception are located.

Therefore, if you need to study hard, find a solution to a complex problem, or simply come up with something, put something bright yellow next to you. Perhaps you remember the picture of a bright yellow light bulb over someone’s head when a good idea came. This means that yellow can relax the thinking process, helping us to become more creative, even if we find logical solutions.


Yellow is the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun and vigour. So stop thinking that if you offer a large bouquet of yellow flowers to a person, this means jealousy. It will only mean great joy and will illuminate this person’s day with such beautiful yellow flowers.

A person who loves and chooses yellow is a very sociable person who also has difficulty. It is dynamic, but also highly calculated, taking no steps forward until a full analysis of the situation has been made. But these people are not sober at all, although sometimes they look like scientists. They are funny, real live clowns. It’s always nice to get around them, as they can make your day easier and make you laugh.

However, yellow can also cause concern because it is considered such a fast moving color. Since this affects analytical thinking, a person may begin to be too critical of his person and those around him.

Yellow is also a specific color that is not associated with emotional feelings. Thus, a person who is already rational and logical may not be able to intervene on an emotional level. Color also gives a sublime sense of our personality and how others see us from the side. It feeds the ego and self-worth.

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