Published on Nov 8, 2019

7 Number Background Images

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7 (seven) is a number, numeral, and glyph that represents the number. It is the natural number that follows 6 and precedes 8. It is an integer and a cardinal number, that is, a number that is used for counting. In addition, it is classified as a real number, distinguishing it from imaginary numbers.

Lucky Number 7

People with the lucky number 7 usually like to explore the causes of the matters. However, when finding the truth, they are too afraid to accept it. Thus they often try to cover up their fear and weakness. In spite of this, they have an excellent analysis capability, which helps them succeed in any job. Besides, people with the lucky number 7 are doomed to be fortunate and get good opportunities which others try hard to seek. So to some extent, their success ought to be attributed to their good luck. What a pity that they are sometimes lazy and idle because of their frequent and easy chances. Anyway, generally speaking, they are smart and knowledgeable, but a little suspicious of, and indifferent to, other people.

Strong Points

They are thought of having philosophical qualities – mysterious, quiet and skillful in analysis. Their clear awareness and prudent attitude give them a swift intuition. Confronted with some complicated problems, they can quickly calm down and find solutions. Additionally, they have a sensitive intuition and self-control introspection. Their strong sense of justice and sympathy help them make many friends. What’s more, they have a unique aesthetic sense. The purity of their temperament sets a good example for many people around.


Weak Points

These people often feel lonely so that sometimes they look depressed. They are likely to not care about others. They gradually become unmerciful and apathetic in the eyes of their friends. Their low spirits should actually be attributed to their personality, being shy, slow and introvert. They avoid consulting and discussing with others, so they tend to be self-assertive when solving problems. The most intolerable characteristics of these people are that they are scheming, inconsiderate, and abandon their duties without consultation.

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