Published on Jan 9, 2017

8 Ball White Background Images

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Billiard balls are round balls used in all the different versions of billiards or pool. It may not seem that there will be a big difference in the type of balls used in the game, but in fact. All other games in the pool and billiards is played with a slightly different size and coating of the ball.

All the cue sports use hard and small billiard balls. Depending on the game, they differ in weight, size, type and quantity. The friction coefficient and hardness stability on the balls are very important for advanced billiard players. In beginning, pool were made out of wood, and later were made of clay. There are many different types of billiard balls.

8 ball is not considered as solid, although they resemble look similar. Some billiard as nine-ball do not distinguish between the stripes balls into and solid ones. Rather, they use the numbers the balls to decide the order in which the ball must be pocketed.


Billiard balls are considered as only simple accessories, one need to be able to play every game of billiards. They are often overlooked, but the fact that they are absolutely indispensable. There are so many different pool now, and they all have a special group of balls to be used; One can even have customized billiard balls made on the basis of interests, passions, etc.

8 Ball Pool Game by Miniclip

When it comes to video gaming, 8 Ball Pool is the one of the largest video game developed by Miniclip which you can play on smartphone or in PC. The game offers great benefits to the player such as playing with different cues and cities. Cues have different special powers ranging from aim, spin, time and power. On the another hand cities where you can choose the match between 100 coins to 50 million coins match. Every city has different tables and cushions which gives a great experience while playing. The game also offer mini games such as scratch and win, spin and win, opening surprise boxes which includes special cues with no recharge cost, whereas while you are playing the game every cue needs a recharge from low to high. The recharge is of 50/50 and whenever you play any shot the cue recharge getting lower.

League & Weekly Winnings

You can also play the game offline, tournament and with friends. The game also offers a league system where you and 300 different players plays and the top winner on the league win the coins and cash price. Every weak on Monday the winner is selected by its total winning on the game. However, to win the cash prize in the league and to get on top of the league you need to play in different cities.

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