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Abstract Background Images

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Abstract art is an art form in which an object or form develops in a simple or exaggerated way. Abstract art is one of the main forms of art design, which attracts many people and art lovers. This art form has long evolved with a significant history composed of various popular artists.

The three main forms of abstract art are cubism, neoplasticism, and abstract expressionism. Several artists recognized the basics of abstract art. Among these artists the most famous cubes are Pablo Picasso and Georges. The work of Piet Mondrian is one of the best examples of neoplasticism. Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock are great examples of abstract expressionism.

The Movement

The movement of abstract painting appeared in the mid-forties in New York. This is gradually becoming important in American art. When artists such as James McNiell began to believe in the harmonious arrangement of colors, representing a visual sensation, rather than a representation of objects, abstraction began to take on increasing importance.


Later, the artists perceived the movement in such a way that abstract painting was of great importance. Artists believe that the work of abstract painter is to deepen the mystery, and not to reveal it. In abstraction, only the concept matters. The basic idea of ​​the idea remains the same.

Abstract Expressionism

This is a movement in which artists quickly paint on a canvas without much concern for the details, thereby demonstrating the emotions and feelings that spread across the canvas. The works of abstract artists demonstrated a sense of haste and interference in life situations as a risk or chance of painting on canvas.

Some abstract artists even mystically approached the subject, but clearly defined their goals and intentions on the canvas. It was believed that artists of abstract expressionism rely on the spontaneity of creativity and the presentation of this stream on a wide and wide scale. The expressed method of painting is considered important.

Abstract expressionism does not focus on one subject; rather, it focuses on many themes or styles. It concentrates on many ideas. Artists of abstract expressionism appreciate individuality and spontaneous inventiveness.

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