Published on Aug 29, 2020

Abstract Eagle Background Images

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Eagles are majestic and respected creatures and rightfully so. Their power and size are enough to intimidate anyone. But despite the fact that they are a part of the animal kingdom, eagles behave in ways that seem oddly similar to human beings.

Eagles have excellent vision. They can see long ranges of terrain. In reference to humans, this reminds us to be visionaries. We should try to see beyond our present circumstance and look toward the future. Constantly looking back is a mistake. We have to make the decision to let go of the things of the past if we are to benefit from what is in the future.

Eagles will not eat anything that they have not killed. So, if it is dead, they leave it alone. In reference to humans, besides not eating something that we found dead on the side of the road one night, it means making the choice to stop beating a dead horse. If what you are doing is not working, then it is time to move on and try something new. It may mean thinking outside the box of what you believe to be normal and stretching your boundaries. As a result you will experience growth and knowledge that you did not have before.


Do you know what eagles do when there is a storm? Well, they don’t cover their beaks and hide out somewhere. Instead, eagles fly straight into the storm. They don’t uselessly flap their wings because they know that all that they have to do is simply stretch out their wings and use the winds of the storm to soar effortlessly above the storm itself. From this, humans should learn how not to run away from conflict and instead use it as a tool to learn what works best for a situation. If anything, we as humans can learn that it is important to find a resolution and move on. Let it go.

We can also learn parenting skills from the eagle. You would think that the eagle treats its young like other birds in that when it is time to fly, the young birds are tossed out of the nest and are expected to fly or fall to the ground. Well, not the eagle. The eagle is a nurturing creature, like humans. When the eagle believes that the eaglet (baby eagle) is ready, it places the eaglet on its back and soars into the sky. The eaglet, feeling the wind stretches its wings.

Then the eagle slowly lowers its body away from that of the eaglet, allowing the eaglet to soar on its own. However, at the first sign of difficulty, the eagle glides back underneath the body of the eaglet in order to keep it from falling. Isn’t that beautiful? Of course, from this we as humans can learn the importance of teaching our children the skills that they need in order to be successful in life, to be there to help guide them through difficult times, and to care for them until they are able to care for themselves.

Wow! The Eagle is a pretty cool bird! There is so much more that we could learn from this majestic creature, but I think this is enough for now. So, are you like the eagle?

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