Published on May 6, 2017

Accordion White Background Images

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Accordions are the likely conjure up the image of a street player in Paris, his fingers wander through the waltz on the street corner rumbling, work well with their strong accordions, and the music releases a romantic atmosphere. But Roland digital accordions changed it all.

New digital accordions by Roland simulation of physical behavior in the heart of the system. This makes the digital sound of the accordion so good. The idea is to simulate the sound obtained with a standard acoustic accordion accurately. It does this through a series of complex algorithms instead of using sampled sound.

Roland digital accordions come in light weight. No musician does not enjoy dealing with a lug instrument, which of course is not in this category. The weight of the accordion is derived from the various components of a traditional accordion. The digital accordion has a battery, as it is driven by electronics, rather than purely bellows power.


The bellows plays an important role, just like with traditional accordions. The air movement made by bellows is detected by the digital accordion and is used to reproduce sounds that perfectly match what one would expect if a strong grinding pushing air through a lot of reeds.

Digital Accordion Roland is not just an accordion. This is the only instrument, but it can simulate about 30 different accordion sound. With each gets a wide range of treble registers, bass and chord registers and free bass registers.

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