Published on May 6, 2017

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Chinese pole acrobatics is a unique and very different type of visual entertainment. This is traditional Asian treat, and the West is nothing like this. This special kind of entertainment consists of really unusual gymnasts in different situations, using several tall aluminum poles.

Chinese traditional culture has many such dramatic performances of athletics. The Chinese opera, for example, there are quite a few different skits of actors and gymnasts will pass. The Chinese opera will be the story of the shifts of the mask section, complex and ornate costumes and usually a very unusual ending, which may include breathing fire or a clown stacked on balls.

Nevertheless, the focus of pole acrobats is not on what you wear. They tend to be contortionists in this way; they will bend and flex around each other and different poles. As the name suggests, gymnasts use a series of vertical pillars in complex practices. Gymnasts will hang from these parallel poles, often to music. Sometimes the act will follow a story that reinforces the interest of the audience. They not only use metal pillars but will use each other as part of the action. Chinese pole acrobats should be very athletic, as this event is very competitive and physically exhausting and demanding.


Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is an adaptation of the sport, as they pass through a complex routine with some performers and some external devices that help make entertainment more visually appealing. They do not use poles exclusively, and Chinese poles acrobatics using only poles, so the similarity ends quickly.

Chinese Pole Acrobats History

Chinese pole acrobats have been there for thousands of years but were not particularly popular during most of the Communist government. The Communists, in fact, approved such traditional entertainment, because they embody the Chinese communist ideal. With the end of the cultural revolution in 1975, however, there is a resumption of traditional entertainment, including acrobats and Chinese pole acrobatics.

Tourists in China often visit the Chinese pole acrobatics exhibitions, Chinese opera, and other iconic cultural events, especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Fortunately for people who can not travel, this kind of entertainment aired nicely on television.

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