Published on Aug 25, 2020

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Many gardeners first thoughts are often the beginning of winter frosts, and the idea of gardening is not the first thought on their mind. Due to this, many gardeners are put off by autumn gardening, but when autumn leaves begin to fall you should be ready for some excellent gardening results. So, what can you garden in autumn I hear you ask? Vegetables make for excellent autumn gardening as they will often taste more mild and sweeter when grown at this time of year.

In order to gauge the best time to start autumn gardening you don’t just begin when the autumn leaves begin to fall. You must know when the first frost is likely to be hitting, so keep an eye on the weather forecasts. You will also need to know exactly how long it is going to take your plants to mature, this will obviously depend on what you decide to grow.

When the autumn leaves begin to fall how do you choose what to grow in your autumn garden? Tomatoes, sweet potatoes and peppers will produce in an autumn garden right until the frosts hit. Plants like snap beans, squash, and cucumbers will only be at their best until the end of the summer. If you plant these vegetables in the middle of the summer you can then harvest them until the first frosts appear.


To get your soil ready for gardening when the autumn leaves begin to fall, you must first remove any leftover spring/summer crops and weeds. Crops leftover from the last season can end up spreading bacteria and disease if left in the garden.

To increase nutrients spread some compost or mulch over your garden. Don’t forget that if your spring plants were heavily fertilized you probably won’t need as much compost. Next, wet the top layer of soil and allow this to set for about 24 hours. You are then ready to start planting in your autumn garden.

When the autumn leaves begin to fall many gardeners will run from autumn gardening. Don’t let frost ruin your chances of growing some excellent vegetables at this time of year. After all, you may as well get the most out of your garden all year round.

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